Temple bar - Dublin 2
from 12pm to 7pm
Our piercing appointments can be both walk-ins and booked appointments.
You can massage the shop or our piercer directly.
16+ with photo I.D. for most piercings (18+nipple and oral piercings) 14+ with a parent or legal guardian present for lobe and basic cartilage piercings. We offer a wide variety of piercing services to minors. If you are 16+ you can get most of the piercings if you bring a valid I.D with you such as a passport, state I.D. card or age card. If the minor is 14+ they will need to be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian and both of you will need to provide I.D. If you are the parent of a minor, but you and the minor have different last names, we need documentation showing why your names are different (ie. divorce, name change, etc.) or some other legal documentation demonstrating guardianship. The policies have been established in order to protect minors, their parents and our studio.
Absolutely! Swing by and meet our piercer, see the studio and ask questions and discuss your ideas with our piercer. There may be a short wait but our piercer is always happy to take time and have a chat with you.
We only use implant grade titanium for piercings which is compliant with the ASTM F136 t or ISO 5832-3 standard.
We don’t pierce with materials we cannot verify the origins of, there is a risk of developing an allergy or infection if the jewellery is not safe for initial piercing.
Everyone heals at a different rate, which is why we do check-up appointments. Your piercer can evaluate the progress of healing and let you know if the piercing is ready to be changed and help you change it as well.
In almost all cases, yes, however there are a few exceptions to this rule. So for your safety, if you are in doubt: ask your G.P for a doctor’s note. This will outline your health status in relation to a piercing and help us give you the correct after-care. If you have a rash, burn, broken skin, or sunburn in the area that will be pierced, you must wait until the skin has healed before we can pierce you. It is possible to pierce through scar tissue but an in person consultation is required to determine if that is possible
Due to health reasons we will not pierce you if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, if you would like to know more about this let our staff know and they will be happy to assist you.
This decision is yours to make after receiving advice from your surgeon. Generally once you have received all your follow up appointments there will be no issues. However some surgeons recommend waiting longer.
The answer is no. If you had lip fillers we cannot do any piercings in or around it due to health reasons. If we pierce an area where the fillers were injected there is a risk of infection, migration and loss of your piercing due to the fillers restricting the blood flow in the area.
We are child friendly however if you are the one getting pierced it is required that there is another adult that can mind your children, as our duty is to care for you and not your children. We ask that you consider the circumstances when bringing any minors with you.
We are here! Located in old city Temple Bar on Cows Lane just beside the new Hard Rock Hotel.